Schedule of Events

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Each summer,  the Uncommon Music Festival presents an eclectic selection of events throughout the week, including flagship concerts, recitals, and collaborative events geared specifically towards community engagement. The Uncommon Music Festival is in residence with the Sitka Arts & Science Festival at the Sitka Fine Arts Camp

Make Music Workshop: interactive workshop

Wednesday, August 2, 4:30–5:30 pm | Yaw Chapel @ Sitka Fine Arts Camp

Music for Voice and Lute

Tuesday, August 1, 7–8 pm | Odess Theater @ Sitka Fine Arts Camp

Playing the 1844 Kessler: solo organ recital by Jacob Reed

Wednesday, August 2nd, 12-12:30pm | Sitka Lutheran Church

The Chipmunk, the Dove, and the Woodpecker: music for solo piano

Friday, August 4th, 7-8pm | Sitka Performing Arts Center

Early United States Vocal Music - with Sitka Sacred Harp

Saturday, August 5, 2–3 pm | Odess Theater @ Sitka Fine Arts Camp

Uncommon Chamber Music: music for vocal quartet, piano, and guitar

Saturday, August 5th, 7–8 pm | St. Peter’s by-the-sea Episcopal Church

Women in the Church - with St. Peter's

Sunday, August 6, 1–2 pm | St. Peter’s by-the-sea Episcopal Church

Nature Music

Sunday, August 6, 4–5 pm | Visitor Center @ Sitka National Historical Park