Photo by Rocky Bostick

The Uncommon Music Festival would not be possible without the Sitka Fine Arts Camp. We are honored to take part in their mission: building community in Alaska by providing opportunities in arts, culture, and recreation in an inclusive, educational, and inspirational environment. The Sitka Fine Arts Camp offers nationally acclaimed summer programs for aspiring artists and year-round opportunities in the arts for all ages.

The home base for the Uncommon Music Festival in Sitka is the beautiful Sitka Fine Arts Campus, which has undergone major restoration in recent years. We encourage you to learn more about the Fine Arts Camp, their Campus, and their work on their website.

St. Peter's by-the-Sea Episcopal Church

The Uncommon Music Festival was hosted by St. Peter's by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in our first year, and we have been working with this wonderful faith community ever since. Located in the busy downtown area of Sitka, the sanctuary of St. Peter's by-the-Sea is open during the day for visitors and people seeking a moment of peace in their workday world.

The Rector at St. Peter's is the Reverend Julie Platson, who has been our treasured friend and collaborator since day one. For the past two years, we have worked with her to create an event celebrating the artistic creation of women in the Church through music, readings, poetry and prayers.

Sitka Sacred Harp

Sitka Sacred Harp is the Sitka chapter of Sacred Harp Alaska. In brief, Sacred Harp singing means singing from the Sacred Harp songbook, that is, singing four-part a cappella music that uses shape-note music notation. The Sitka Sacred Harp Sing meets every 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday each month. All are welcome!

The Uncommon Music Festival loves shape-note singing. In our first year, we joined forces to perform a newly composed piece for shape-note choir, SATB soloists, piano, and organ called Gospel Trumpet, and we’ve been working with Sitka Sacred Harp ever since.


Sitka Lutheran Church

The Great Sitka Arts Council is the arts council for the city of Sitka, Alaska. They foster relationship building and community engagement through educational and entertaining arts collaborations, bringing together community members and group leaders of the best skill and enthusiasm to collaborate, plan and deliver finely tailored arts events and experiences that embrace Sitka, Alaska, and its people. Learn more on their website.

Last year, we co-sponsored our final event, Nature Music, with the Greater Sitka Arts Council. We were thrilled to support GSAC’s mission with outdoor performances in the beautiful Sitka National Historical Park.

Founded in 1840, Sitka Lutheran Church was the first Protestant church in Alaska. Today, they are an active Christian congregation, serving their community and welcoming all people, regardless of age, economic level, gender, race, ability, or sexual orientation.

Sitka Lutheran’s sanctuary is home to the restored 1844 Kessler organ (learn more about the organ here). Every summer, our Festival organist offers a lunchtime recital on this historic instrument. Last year, we also collaborated with Pastor Sandra Rudd on an event combining sacred music with visionary art selected by the Pastor. The concert combined music, poetry, and artwork by Hildegard of Bingen and featured the work of Minnie Evans and Ruth Starr Rose